Guest Houses

Tanzania has a number of Guest Houses within cities and towns which offers the best quality services with a maximum security and at cheap prices. When you are in Tanzania do not hesitate to serve cost by staying in the following recommended Guest Houses. You will enjoy, relax and experience what Tanzania has to offer you at a cheaper price!

Please check the best Guest Houses in cities and town you are interested to visit and stay while in Tanzania.

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Arusha City

Mapendo Guest House

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What within and around:

  • Town walking
  • Local Market

One of the best recommended Guest House in Arusha with a Bar, Restaurants and following facilities:-

  • 10 luxuriously rooms
  • Babysitting facilities
  • 30 luxuriously rooms
  • Food & Beverage outlets
  • Modern bar and restaurant
  • Hot Shower

Njeri Road Arusha, Tanzania. T: +255 27 250000x F: +255 27 0000000