Rundugai Village Tour

Rundigai Cultural Tourism Enterprise
Every Monday

Day Trip – Every Monday

Spending your day at Rundugai village with Rundugai Cultural Tourism Guides and learn on the daily socioeconomic activities of different ethnic groups.

  • Starting at Kijiweni street you will meets Rundugai Monday Masai market which  operates only on Monday in this market you will meet different local products to include Mbege Bar{a traditional Chaga ethnic group brew}
  • Proceeding to Majengo street you will meet Pare and Chaga crops growing field where you will meet different traditionally irrigated farms for Rice, Onions and many others vegetable crops such as Okra, Egg plants and Tomatoes which are growing in the area
  • Extending to Kikuletwa  street you will meet with an astonished  Hot Spring where you will have a body refreshment at the Kikuletwa Hot Spring {Chemka Maji Moto}
  • Finally a hot local lunch prepared with our women at the village
  • This tour can be done on foot or biking
  • Fee includes Guiding, Village Development Fund and Hot Local Lunch