Midwifery Electives

Projects Abroad

Placement location: Dar es Salaam and Arusha

Role: To gain experience from local staff and add to your previous midwifery training

Types of Placement: Hospitals

Accommodation: Host family

Length of placement: From 2 weeks

Start dates: Flexible

If you take your Midwifery Elective in Tanzania you will not just learn a lot from your time there, but you will also be helping poor and disadvantaged women and their babies who will benefit from your support. Maternity units will not have the level of equipment or resources that you are used to. You will learn a lot about birth in a developing country and learn how resourceful midwives have to be working with limited facilities.

You must be a student studying midwifery to do an Elective placement. Projects Abroad has many years of experience in coordinating Elective Students in Tanzania. We have in-country staff who will help organize with you and your university and make sure you are placed in a medical facility that will best fulfill the requirements of your chosen Elective.

At your placement you will be assigned a qualified member of staff as your supervisor. They will be on hand to answer your questions and discuss specific cases with you. They are eager for you to have a productive time with them and you will learn a lot about the midwifery profession in Tanzania.