Southern Circuit

1 unique cultural tourism packages while in Central Circuit of Tanzania!

You are offered with an opportunity to visit special community based people to people tourism. Please check below brief details of Kilwa cultural programme within the Southern circuit.

Kilwa Brief

Kilwa area was once the East Africa trade city. Comprising of Kilwa Kisiwani and Songo Mnara ruins which are UNESCO’s World Heritage sites links with Middle East, Persia, Indonesia and China.

Location & Getting There:

Located 300 kilometres from Dar es salaam. Accessible by road from Dar es Salaam.


  • A cultural insight of communities
  • Kilwa historical tour
  • Boat trip around Kilwa Island
  • Traditional fishing experience
  • Hippo pool tour
  • Bird watching
  • Canoeing safari
  • Mangrove forest tour
  • Beach experience
  • Salt farm tour