Eastern Circuit

7 unique cultural tourism packages while in Eastern Circuit of Tanzania!

You are offered with an opportunity to visit special community based people to people tourism.
Please check the links below for details of specific cultural programme within the eastern circuit.

Bagamoyo Brief

The town of Bagamoyo is a home to world class Historical sites and one of UNESCO’s World Heritage Sites with rich cultural heritage. The town was one of important trading port along the East African Coast and a German East Africa Capital. Different cultures including people of Wakwere, Wazaramo and Wazigua and Arab descent coexist in Bagamoyo making the town a peaceful and friendly place for visitors from all over the world.

Location & Getting There:

Bagamoyo is located 75 kilometres North of Dar-es-salaam. Accessibility is by road from Dar es Salaam, about 1.5 hours drive


  • Visits to historical sites Catholic Old Church & Museum, Slave Prison, Ngome Kongwe, Old Port, Caravan Serai Museum Kaole Ruins Tour
  • Bagamoyo Stone Town Tour
  • Fishing with local fishermen and fish market tour
  • Explore Coral reef and white sand beach
  • Visit the Art Market
  • Bagamoyo Biking Tours
  • Crocodiles Farm Tour
  • Witness traditional events that include cultural celebrations and events, Swahili traditional weddings, Swahili music performances and Traditional dances and Swahili traditional games
  • Mangrove forest tour

Website: www.bagamoyo.org

Chilunga Brief

Morogoro is a beautiful region with the Uluguru Mountains, with natural forests and endemic bird species. Apart from these attractions, visitors can enjoy mountain hikes, historical sites, waterfalls, panoramic viewpoints and glimpses of the local culture.

Location & Getting There:

Chilunga is located in Morogoro region about 195 km west of Dar es Salaam. Accessibility is by road from Dar es Salaam.


  • Walk through Towelo and Ruvuma village to Morning Side, an old German settlement. Walk back through scenic farmlands
  • Visit Madola village to meet a traditional healer
  • Walking, fishing, and meeting the locals at Usolo
  • Nugutu traditional village tour for Waluguru way of life, dance and learn about making handicrafts
  • Kinole village tour for historical site, a forest reserve to watch the antics of blue monkeys and black &white colobus monkeys.
  • Lupanga tour for lush farmlands, trekking to the second highest peak of the Uluguru for waterfalls, rainforest, endemic species of birds, insects and monkeys
  • Bunduki tour for swimming and camping at the Hululu waterfall site
  • Lukwangulu Plateau tour for a panoramic view Ulugurus plateau
  • Maasai village tour for overnight stay at a Maasai village
  • Morogoro town tour for town-walk, drive or ride
  • Kibwe waterfall tour for walk to the seasonal Kibwe waterfall and view Morogoro town from the peaks of the Uluguru Mountains
  • Kigurunyembe tour of rock stream cool waters and take a dip

Website: www.chilunga.or.tz


Lutindi Brief

Lutindi old missionary site offers real African cultural experience. Various tours are conducted within and around the villages bordering the town of Korogwe. Lutindi is home for the Mental Hospital which was the first in East African region.

Location & Getting There:

Lutindi Cultural & Eco-tourism Enterprise is located almost halfway of Arusha to Dares- salaam. From Dar-es- Salaam is 330 km, and from Arusha is 350 km. Coming from Dar-es-salaam you pass Korogwe town until you reach Msambiazi village then turn right up the Mountain for 13kms. Lutindi is located 22 km from Korogwe town.


  • Guided tour through the Hospital
  • Tour to Tea farm
  • Insight into Wasambaa culture
  • Hiking to Masusu view point
  • Walking in a Natural forest
  • Butterfly, bird watching and herbal tour
  • Eco-tourism experience

Website: www.elct-ned.org

Mlingotini Brief

Mlingotini located in Bagamoyo just 13 kms, 10 minutes away from Bagamoyo Township is an age old fishing village. The village lies on a cool Swahili coast with white sand beaches away from crowds where one will get the real beach experience while learning how local people live.

Location & Getting There:

Located South-East of Bagamoyo about 13 kms. Accessibility is by road


  • Mlingotini cultural village tour
  • Coconut tours
  • Biking tours
  • Fish with local fishermen and Visit a local fish market
  • Marine and Sea-weed farming tours
  • Tour to Mapopo Island
  • Traditional Swahili Massage
  • Swahili body paintings using henna plant (tattoos making)
  • Experiencing traditional events, such as;

Swahili traditional weddings, Traditional dances, Swahili music band entertainments, and Swahili traditional games.

Pangani Brief

Pangani is a town at the mouth of Pangani River with long history with influence of Arabs, Germans, Asians and British Colonial rules. The town is named after the Pangani River that collects its water from Mt Kilimanjaro and Meru to the Indian Ocean. Pangani town boast of:

  • a coastline with clean beaches
  • endangered Green Turtles
  • historic sites
  • coral reefs
  • its Old Port

Location & Getting There:

was 50 kms South of Tanga


  • Historical town tour to explore historic buildings, slave market, old port and slave routes
  • Cruising the Pangani River
  • Boat trip to Maziwe Marine Park Island
  • Beach experience swimming, sun-bathing, snorkeling and watching dolphins
  • Village tours
  • Family homestay for insight on the swahili culture

Website: www.panganitourism.com

Usambara Brief

Located in the north-east of Tanzania, Usambara is the mountainous area with cool climate, winding paths and picturesque villages. The mountains are home to an exceptional species of plants and animals and represent one of the highest degrees of biodiversity on the African continent, thus referred to as the Galapagos of Africa.

Location & Getting There:

Lushoto, the Town of Usambara Mountains is located about 360 kilometres from Dar es Salaam, 308 kilometres from Arusha, and, 230 kilometres from Moshi. Accessibility is by road in any vehicle.


Usambara Cultural Tourism Programme offers quite a number of activities; the details can be accessed in their website for your choice. Few activities includes:

  • Trekking and hiking to view points, forest, rivers and plain lands
  • Lushoto town
  • Visit to coffee and tea plantations
  • Insights into the Washambaa, Pare and Mbugu people

Website: www.usambaratravels.com
Face Book: https://www.facebook.com/usambara


Tanga Initiative Brief

Tanga cultural tourism initiative lies between Kilimanjaro and Zanzibar on the North-Eastern Coast of Mainland Tanzania.

Location & Getting There:

Located in Tanga region 440 km from Arusha, 354 km from Dar es Salaam, it is accessible by road easily.


  • Tour to Amboni Caves
  • Visiting Tongoni Ruins
  • Touring Toten Island
  • Touring Hot Sulphur springs
  • Touring Yambe Island
  • Touring Ulenge Island
  • Touring Sand Bank Island
  • Witnes Swahili coast traditional dances
  • Visiting traditional healer
  • Fishing with local fisherman