Mountain Climbing

Tanzania is rich and gifted with many highlands that offer spectacular topology in various areas of the country which made our country to become one of the attracting places in the world and Africa for:-

  • mountain climbing
  • trekking
  • hiking
  • flower watching
  • bird watching
  • picnic sites
  • viewing points
  • culture tourism

Tanzania has world’s first class and famous mountains which make it become the roof of Africa. These mountains includes the following:-

  • Mt Kilimanjaro
  • Ol Donyo Lengai
  • Mt Meru
  • Pare Mountains
  • Livingstone Mountains
  • Udzungwa Mountains
  • Eastern Arc Mountain Range
  • Uluguru Mountains
  • Monduli Mountains
  • Mount Hanang
  • Usambara Mountains
  • Crater Highlands

For the details of the climbing Tanzania mountains please view the links below.