Central Tanzania Circuit

1 unique cultural tourism packages while in Central Circuit of Tanzania!

You are offered an opportunity to visit a special community based on people to people tourism. Please review the information below on the Kondoa Irangi cultural program within the Central circuit

Kondoa Irangi Brief

Kondoa Irangi is a land of Kolo rock paints designated a world class historical heritage site and ancient rock art, which are remarkable for their quantity and quality, and their astonishing time span of a million years ago.

Located in Kondoa one of the oldest Districts in Tanzania in Dodoma Region, Kondoa Irangi site is along the famous Road “Great North Road” [a road from Cairo to Johannesburg].

Location & Getting There:

Accessible by road from Arusha, Dodoma and by Flight from Dar es Salaam to Dodoma, then drive from Dodoma about 120 Kilometers.


  • Visit the Kolo Rock Paintings and ancient rock
  • Kolo village snd Kondoa walking tour
  • Cycling tour
  • Kolo village stay tour
  • Visiting Sandawe bushmen
  • Harvesting traditional honey
  • Traditional healing tour
  • Sambwa hill trekking

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