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Size & Population:

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Mwanza is a city of 0.8 million people increasing at a rate of 11% per annum and spread over 1,325 km of which 900 km is covered by water and 425 km is dry land. Approximately 86.8% km (20%) of the dry land is urbanized and the rest is forest, valleys, cultivated plains, grassy, and undulating and rocky hill areas.

Brief Information:

Mwanza, the second largest City in Tanzania after Dar-es Salaam City serves as an administrative and service centre for the Mwanza Region, Lake Victoria Zone, and neighbouring countries of the “Great Lakes Region” It is also a major transit centre of goods destined for neighbouring countries such as Uganda, Rwanda, Burundi, and Democratic Republic of Congo.

In the shores of Lake Victoria in north-western Tanzania, Mwanza city famously know as “Rock City” due presence free standing large rocks, was founded in 1892 as a regional administration and commercial centre to control mainly export production of the cotton growing areas in the Lake Victoria.

The main ethnic groups in Mwanza City are the Sukuma, Zinza, Haya, Sumbwa, Nyamwezi, Luo, Kurya, Jita and Kerewe with other small groups inhibiting from across the country. The people of Sukuma tribe dominate by 90 percent of the population.

Mwanza is also a city of industries, commerce and banking activities. It has number of industrial establishments, Commercial Banks, Foreign Exchange Bureaus, and Business companies in all sectors.

Popular attractions:

Mwanza is one of unique undiscovered destination in Tanzania. It is a land of much wonder hobbling an unparalleled diversity of Fauna, Flora and many natural features. The wonders of free standing rocks, the sceneries, and friendly people harbour the growth of excellent cultural tourism beach holidays, game hunting, infrastructure ventures, historical and archaeological ventures and certainly the best wildlife photographic safaris on the continent. The popular attractions includes:-

  • The Bujora Museum where Sukuma cultural history is preserved
  • Scenery view of Lake Victoria with its naturally arranged and free standing rocks set on top of each other
  • Safari trips to Saanane Game Reserve in the Island, Rubondo Island National Park and Serengeti National Park
  • Strolling around Mwanza City
  • A visit to Ukerewe Island, a big island situated in the north of Mwanza [in Lake Victoria]referred to as “little Zanzibar”, a truly place to relax and watch the beautiful nature of the lake ecosystem.

Getting there:

By Air

Mwanza is served by both international flights from Kenya and Uganda, and domestic flightsto and from Dar es Salaam, Zanzibar, Arusha and Kilimanjarovia the Mwanza Airport [MWZ] with daily flights from Kilimanjaro and Dar es Salaam.

BY Bus [Road]

There are daily buses and coaches to and from Dar es Salaam and to all parts of Tanzania mainland and neighbouring countries of Bujumbura (Burundi), Kigali (Rwanda), Nairobi (Kenya) and Kampala(Uganda) through the all way tarmac roads.

BY Train

Mwanza is accessed also using daily trains to and from Dar es Salaam city booked up to 2-3 weeks in advance.

BY Boat

Mwanza is accessed by ferries only through Bukoba town [in Tanzania] every Sunday, Tuesday and Thursday evening. If you are arriving from Uganda, take a bus from Kampala to Bukoba [in Tanzania] and connect to the ferry, MS Victoria.