Luxury Tented Camps

Wonderful luxury tented camp sites are available in Tanzania National Parks and Game Reserves camping safaris within the national parks and game reserves. The tented camps are to give you a wonderful stay in Tanzania and for many purposes to include honeymoon, relaxation and many more!

Please check the best available Tented Camps within National Parks you are interested to visit and stay while in Tanzania.

Basic Campsites at National ParksArushaDar es SalaamZanzibar – UngujaZanzibar – PembaMoshiTangaBagamoyoMwanzaDodomaMbeyaIringaMorogoroSongeaLindiMtwaraKigomaSingidaTaboraMusomaSumbawangaShinyangaBukoba

Arusha National Park

Mariakamba Campsite


Google location of Lodge or

What within and around:

  • Swimming
  • Town walking
  • Local Market
  • Quite environment

One of the best campsite while climbing Mt. Meru with following facilities:-

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Mt. Meru National Park, Arusha,Tanzania. T: +255 27 250000x